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  • 15 Sep 2015 5:17 PM | Anonymous

    Salman Hamdani sacrificed his life trying to save people trapped in the World Trade Center. Regretfully he was not recognized for his heroics as an NYPD cadet.  MuBANY joins other organizations asking to correct this injustice./resources/Documents/Hamdani%20Letter%20to%20Tish%20James%20--%20Final%20.pdf

  • 22 Jun 2015 3:57 PM | Anonymous
    On June 22 we held our annual Ramadan Iftar.  The turnout was fantastic as we completely sold out. Insha'Allah next year we will find an even larger venue to accommodate our growing membership. Photos courtesy of Sadyia Photography

  • 18 Jun 2015 11:35 PM | Anonymous

    Wishing you and your families a very blessed Ramadan. MuBANY - Ramadan Letter 2015.pdf

    MuBANY has republished its Ramadan letter for employers which can be accessed below.  We also have the Employers Guide to Islam in the Workplace which is available for free upon request.  Please email me directly at to request a copy of the guide.

    MuBANY - Ramadan Letter 2015.pdf

  • 09 Jun 2015 11:09 PM | Anonymous
    On May 27 the Muslim Bar Association held its annual general meeting.  Members had the opportunity to connect with each other and listen to a keynote address from New York City Public Advocate Letitia James.

    Check out the pictures from the event.
  • 16 May 2015 8:06 PM | Anonymous
    Congratulations to the 5 Directors elected to serve on the MuBANY Board for the 2015/2016 term:

    Shabbir Chaudhury
    Sabila Khan
    Umair Khan
    Merium Malik
    Adeel Mangi

    The new term for the Directors begins on June 1st.

  • 26 Apr 2015 11:05 PM | Anonymous

    2015/2016 MuBANY Board of Director Candidate Statements

    Get to know the candidates running to serve as directors on the MuBANY Board for the 2015/2016 term. We have 9 candidates running for the 5 open positions. Take a moment to read the candidate statements and learn more about the candidates.

    Please make sure your MuBANY membership is up date date. All members that are current in their dues will be receiving voting instructions in the coming days.

    Best of luck to all the candidates!

    1) Sayeda Abbas:

    It is with great excitement that I, Sayeda Abbas, request your support to become a director on the MuBANY board. Over the last year I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of you while being part of the events planning committee at MuBANY. During this time, I experienced the infectious spirit that drives this wonderful organization. It is this quality that has inspired me to seek membership on the board of directors of MuBANY. I am confident that I can bring innovative ideas and help our organization expand through growth focused initiatives. I have a robust background in leadership (President of Rutgers PSA, board member of Brooklyn Law School Muslim Students Bar Association, Secretary of student residence life), which will help me implement many of the ideas I have. I also have extensive past successes in large scale event coordination such as the wildly successful Eid Extravaganzas in New York City. I therefore have experience in handling vast budgets and making wise financial choices for organizations. Besides my prior administrative and leadership experience, I also bring personal qualities of determination, humility and strong interpersonal skills that will make me an asset to this board. I can assure you that my negotiation skills as an attorney, my strong connections and involvement with other community organizations, and my personality will take MuBANY on new ventures with other groups. I foresee MuBANY as a platform for many and I want to grow our current membership numbers by targeting more law students, public interest attorneys, and non-traditional attorneys. I want to heighten our community feel and community involvement by not only having more events, but also having diversity of events and engaging with other organizations and groups that we have not in the past. Most importantly, as a public interest attorney and lifelong community service advocate, I foresee having initiatives that not only benefit a single type of profession or a handful of communities, but also give back to our New York community at large. My hope is to continue to expand on the excellent work done before us by the current board, and to create a thriving organization with regular activities that serve our community on many levels. I assure you that if I am elected as a director, your voice will be heard and your presence will be felt.

    2) Shabbir Chaudhury:

    Salaam, my name is Shabbir Chaudhury and I have had the honor of being a director of MuBANY for the past year and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you again in the upcoming term.  I hope you will give me your vote for director.  

    During this past year, in addition to organizing events, I was involved with creating a social media presence for MuBANY by establishing a twitter and instagram account.  I felt that MuBANY needed a better online presence given its ever increasing role in the legal community.  Additionally, I was heavily involved in updating the MuBANY logo and website.  If elected, I will continue to update MuBANY's presence in the digital and real world and organize events centered around networking and professional advancement.  

    With regard to my professional background, I am currently a litigation associate at Segal McCambridge.  Prior to that, I worked at the NYC Law Department as an Assistant Corporation Counsel where I defended the City against tort claims. 

    MuBANY has developed itself into a respectable institution within the communities it engages. Over the past few years, the organization has become known as a voice for Muslim people in New York.  I would like to continue building upon that tradition and help MuBANY and its members progress further. It is with that intent and purpose that I would like to continue serving as a director for MuBANY.

    3) Sabila Khan:

    I would like to continue serving as a Director of the Muslim Bar Association of New York (“MuBANY”). MuBANY has been instrumental in shaping my legal career and I would be delighted to continue giving back to the organization and the legal community by serving in a leadership position.

    During my candidacy in 2014-2015, I had many wonderful opportunities to give back to our community. Together with two other board members, I helped start the Women’s Committee of MuBANY, which focuses on specific issues faced by Muslim female attorneys. One event we organized consisted of a panel of three very successful women in different practice areas sharing their advice and experiences. In addition to the Women’s Committee, I participated in MuBANY’s volunteer event to help fight hunger by working alongside other members in making large amounts of sandwiches and salads to deliver to the homeless. My favorite event was helping plan the annual Iftar, which is a unique bonding experience for members.

    I have three goals I would like to accomplish for the next term. First, I want to continue developing the Women’s Committee by speaking directly with members to see what their needs are. Second, I want to expand our network to include more law students. I first became involved with MuBANY five years ago when I was a law student and I know firsthand what a great resource MuBANY can be. Third, I want to organize an Annual Trivia Event as a fun and informal social event for members to get to know one another.

    It would be a wonderful opportunity to continue serving on the board of MuBANY. Thank you for considering me as a candidate.

    Personal Background

    Associate, Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy LLP (2015-Current)

    Assistant Vice President and Counsel, BNP Paribas (2012-2015)

    Law school, University of Notre Dame (2012)

    College, New York University (2009)

    4) Sania Khan:

    My name is Sania Khan, and I am running for a Director position with MuBANY. I have been a member since 2011, and have seen MuBANY successfully shift from solidifying itself as a pillar (pun intended) of the legal community in New York City, to focusing inward on expanding the employment diversity of MuBANY’s membership base. On the professional end, I am an Assistant Attorney General at the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

    I believe MuBANY is in a unique position to diversify its membership by attracting more lawyers who have pursued non-traditional legal careers. The benefit of a membership comprised of practicing and non-practicing attorneys would be to not only provide more networking opportunities to existing members, but also help build and maintain ties to the broader community.

    To me, one of the most notable events from this past year was the 2014 Annual General meeting where Dean Obeidallah spoke and urged lawyers to step into media. It was refreshing to hear from someone who has successfully applied legal skills outside the traditional realm – like the subway. If appointed as a director, I will try to bring more events like this to fruition.

    I would also like to concentrate on fully developing the various committees that were created this past year. This will lead to more events geared toward supporting artists, musicians, and writers throughout the NYC Muslim community. I intend to be resourceful and dedicated to executing this vision.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    5) Umair Khan:

    As an attorney organization MUBANY has the tremendous potential to engage with communities across New York City both Muslim and non-Muslim.  At a time when Muslims are viewed least favorably amongst faith groups, I believe we as attorneys have the opportunity and a special responsibility to dispel these fears through service and collaboration.  With your help, I propose we develop a:

    - semi-annual legal clinic in the outer-boroughs in conjunction with other nonprofit legal services organizations and elected officials;

    - quarterly round-table discussions with civic, corporate, and political leaders in New York City; and

    - program to support consequential cases impacting the Muslim community as amici;

    Through these efforts we will assist those in need, strengthen relationships with leaders across the City, and engage in legal battles that will protect the rights of the Muslim community in New York. I ask for your support in achieving this. 

    6) Bilal Malik:

    Dear Members:

    I am a fourth year part-time evening student at Touro Law Center and am interested in applying for the Director positionthat I learned about through MuBANY’s website. I received a Master of Arts in Public Policy and received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, both from Stony Brook University. I will also be graduating from Touro Law Center in May of 2015. My passion for joining MuBANY’s board stems from a deep commitment to public service and a great interest in giving back to the community.

    As an evening student, I have worked to balance full-time employment, my legal studies and community service activities. Last semester while working full-time, I served as a clinic intern with the Small Business and Not-for-Profit Law Clinic, where I worked with several clients in establishing corporations and tax-exempt organizations. As a congressional aide to Congressman Timothy Bishop, I had the opportunity to interact with various constituents that needed assistance with issues such as immigration, scams, taxes and foreclosure prevention. In this role, I also had the opportunity to deal with many federal, state and local governments, advocacy groups, and legal services. In addition, I am currently the Chief of Staff for the Assembly Member of the 11th District. My position has led me to supervise the Member’s Capital and District office while maintaining a relationship with her constituency in her district. In addition, I’ve had the esteemed privilege of sitting on the first Muslim Advisory Board for Suffolk County where I worked directly with the county government to establish ties between mosques and the communities. With my skills, experience and aspirations to lead a career as a public servant, I am confident that I can perform this position well.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    7) Merium Malik:

    Salaam Dear friends,

    I would be honored to re-serve as your MUBANY director for the upcoming year. As a current director, I have led MUBANY’s small firm committee from its inception. I am proud to announce that the committee is fourteen members strong and continuing to grow. I have put together several events during this year and the previous year for committee members and open to all MUBANY members and guests.

    I have actively participated in putting together many of the events you have attended and enjoyed. I am also in charge of creating and leading the Immigration workshop clinic for the South Asian community in Jackson Heights, NY, by partnering with the Office of Public Advocate, where Mubany served as one of the sponsors. I also participate in events held by the Network of Bar leaders (organization made up of all Bar Associations in New York) and continue to work on collaborated events with Mubany and other bar associations to increase our presence and make our voice heard in the community. I continue to make sure that MUBANY sits at the table, by literally, sitting at the table.

    What makes me qualified and what will I do?

    I continue to be heavily involved in community organizations. I have lobbied on a state and city level pushing Muslim holidays and halal lunches in public schools. And, finally we have Eid as a recognized holiday in the State of New York.

    I also serve the Muslim political community as part of the board for the Muslim Democratic Club of New York. Most recently, we are inviting the first Muslim female candidate who is running for a judge in New York court system.

    As a director, I will continue to plan events that serve the underserved Muslim communities, where our members will offer FREE legal advice in various areas of the law, as a workshop series, and assist the community.

    As a director, I would like to continue to expand MUBANY’s outreach efforts and continue to plan events with a focus of service, along with enhancing the legal skills of our members. I will continue to make sure I am doing all I can to increase MUBANY’s presence in the New York community and to make sure that we are involved in major events taking place and shaping our city. MUBANY is an amazing organization, with a great reputation. I believe we have the capability of doing outstanding things for our city and community.

    Community Service:I have always devoted my life to serving the community. During law school, I started a local chapter of a non-profit organization, Project Downtown (serving homeless population). Most recently, I served as Debate coach for national competition MIST (Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament). I continue to do pro-bono work in Immigration Court in Manhattan with organizations such as legal aid and other non-profits. I am also involved with the Islamic Professionals of New York University professional groups who put together events at the mosque during Ramadan and several fundraisers.  

    About me: I have an Immigration and Criminal Defense Law practice in Corona, Queens. I also have a Master’s in Business Administration. In my free time, I love to travel and do cross fit. I am originally from Tampa, Florida.

    8) Adeel Mangi:

    I am a partner in the litigation department at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP.  Further information on my background is available at  It has been my pleasure to have been involved with MuBany for many years as a Director and to meet many of you.  To date, I have served four one-year terms.  I hope that experience will bring some continuity to the operations of our growing and exciting association.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

    9)Ayat Masoud:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Do not ask for a position of authority, for if you are granted this position as a result of your asking for it, you will be left alone and if you are granted it without making any request for it, you will be helped.” (Sahih Muslim). Leadership in Islam is considered a trust and a responsibility, and cannot be sought. We each have our own way of being a serving hand to our community, yet the roles we play and impacts we make are decrees of Allah’s will.

    My name is Ayat Masoud, a graduating law student of New York Law School and soon to be Esq. inshallah.

    I have been the president of the Muslim Law Students Association at NYLS for 2 years. At the start of my 1L year, I was disappointed to find a disconnect between my identity as an aspiring attorney and as a Muslimah. The status of the MLSA was weak and often unrecognized, lacking ability to unify the Muslim law students. Since then, the MLSA has accomplished a great deal - our student member list grew from 8 to 60 people, a room was officially designated for students to make obligatory prayers, and various events have been held including collaborations with the Jewish Law Students Association on Religion in the Law.

    Last year, I was able to hold the first annual MLSA networking event which brought together professional attorneys, bar associations and law students from Brooklyn Law, Fordham Law and NYU Law. This experience was invaluable because it bridged the gap between Muslim and attorney, allowing students to connect to their Muslim community. My goal throughout my presidency was to show students that their diverse backgrounds is an empowering tool in their profession, nothing less. With the growing activity from the MLSA, I was able to work closely with New York Law School to launch a diversity program which designated the minority student associations with up to $10,000 in funds for events going into the future. As much progression as the MLSA at NYLS has made, it came with the hardship of learning to efficiently manage group dynamics and ensure that the delegation of work capitalizes on students individual strengths.

    My involvement in community affairs has been a niche of mine since my teen years, which grew from being a commander in the Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps to an active NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer. My involvement in my family’s Halal Food Market business has also allowed me to politically associate with the Arab American Association, PCRF, and UNRWA.

    With Allah’s will, I plan to continue serving the community by asserting my best efforts forward as an attorney and director with the Muslim Bar Association of NY.

  • 02 Apr 2015 7:30 PM | Anonymous

    MuBANY in collaborations with AMAL and MCN sponsored an event at Arnold & Porter LLP where a distinct group of panelists spoke about the challenges that Muslim communities around the country have faced when trying to establish places to pray.

    The recent success of Al Falah Center in their litigation with Bridgewater NJ provided an excellent case study for attendees on how RLUIPA can provide relief to religious communities in the courts.

    MuBANY, AMAL and MCN were also pleased to present Arnold & Porter with an award in recognition of their tireless effort to advance civil rights for the Muslim community with their successful representation of the Al-Falah Center.

  • 26 Mar 2015 7:30 PM | Anonymous

    The Small Firm Committee hosted an event geared towards solo practitioners and small firms.  Mahir Nisar, MuBANY member and small firm owner spoke about having his own practice, start up nature in general, marketing, and Muslim community building and engagement. 

    Stay tuned for more informative events geared towards small/solo practitioners.

  • 19 Feb 2015 10:48 AM | Anonymous
    What it takes to succeed at a law firm or in-house

    Panelists Adil Mangi (Partner at Patterson Belknap) Samaa Haridi (Partner at Weil Gotshal) and Atif Rehman (Counsel at BNP Paribas) provided law students and  junior associates with tips on how to advance their careers.

  • 09 Dec 2014 10:30 AM | Anonymous

    MuBANY Leadership was invited to an "Evening at Thurgood", a networking reception hosted by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  The evening provided a unique opportunity to meet with members of the bench and talk about the Muslim Bar Association of New York.

MuBANY is not a law firm and does not provide legal representation.

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