Airport Assistance: 

Immigration Executive Order

There is a need for volunteers at airports. Please review the information below for more information on how you may provide assistance to those in need. 

I. JFK Airport Sign Up

II.  Newark Airport Sign Up 

III. Urban Justice Center Sign Up / All Airports

IV. Translators Sign Up

V. Know Your Rights & Referrals 

Please fill this form out if you are interested in conducting Know Your Rights Workshops, can provide pro-Bono services, or translation services.

VI. Department of Homeland Security Statement

Please click here to read the statement by Secretary John Kelly on the entry of lawful permanent residents into the United States

VII. Other Helpful Resources

A combination of documents, which include sample habeas petitions as well as documents on the rights of refugees while traveling, credible and reasonable fear interviews and guidance on how to report refugee ban EO noncompliance. 

VIII. Other Documents 

Please click the following link to access United States Customs Border Protection, Passenger Resolution Contact Information: 

CBP 16-17 JFK Newark Contacts.pdf 

IX.  Additional Resources / Agencies

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